MCR Committee

The committee are all current members of the MCR elected in the Michaelmas term each year. There are 12 positions (some held by multiple people) on the committee to cover all the various aspects of college and MCR life. They are here to serve all graduate students of the MCR so do not hesitate to contact. Suffixes for all mcr-position email addresses are "" and for personal email addresses are "".


Chris Valentine

Email: mcr-president or cjv22

The President looks after the MCR (its facilities and the interests of its members) whilst also being the figure head. He chairs the MCR committee and represents the MCR on the College Council, Joint Liaison Committee, the RCSA (as a member of the executive), the Development Committee and the Archives Committee. He liaises with the other committee members to ensure that the MCR offers the best services to its members that it can.

Vice-President (Internal)

Sara Caputo

Email: mcr-vp-internal or sc914

The Vice-President (Internal) deputises for the President and sits on the Joint Liaison Committee and Education Committee. He also organises the Room Ballot and looks after accommodation matters for members.

Vice-President (External)

Juraj Mavracic

Email: mcr-vp-external or jm2111

The Vice-President (External) represents the MCR at the Graduate Union (GU) and at the Cambridge University Students' Union (CUSU). She holds the MCR vote on these two councils, so feel free to contact her if you have any views on upcoming motions.


Dafydd Sinden

Email: mcr-secretary or djs243

The Secretary writes the agenda and takes the minutes at MCR committee meetings. He is also in charge of the weekly MCR bulletin so if you have anything you would like included on it, please email him.


Jack Hutchings

Email: mcr-treasurer or jh2037

The Treasurer sets the MCR budget (with the help of the committee) and looks after our finances throughout the year.

Academic Affairs Officer

Kirsty Mackinlay

Email: mcr-acad-affairs or kmlm2

The Academic Affairs Officer is responsible for supporting and improving the academic experience within the graduate community. She sits on the Library Committee and organises the MCR-SCR Research Days.

Entertainments (Ents) Officers

General email: mcr-events

The Ents Officers organise a variety of social events throughout the year and keep members informed of activities across Cambridge. Among other things, each Ents officer looks after a few regular events.

Sam Reynolds

Email: sar87

Organises formal swaps with other colleges for you to socialise with other graduates while enjoying the varieties of cuisine across Cambridge.

Jaye Tidball

Email: at788

Hosts our regular Sunday brunches and afternoon teas in the MCR, providing an excellent opportunity to catch up with friends and relax at the weekends. If you have any specific dietary requirements or ideas for what you would like to see/eat, please contact her.

Emma Thompson

Email: ejt63

Organises trips to the pub and external visits/activities such as zorb football, Ice skating and the annual Robinson MCR Pudding crawl.

Kirsty Mackinlay

Email: kmlm2

Looks after Sunday Film Nights and the DVD library - any suggestions for films to be screened or DVDs to be bought can be sent to Kirsty.

Welfare Officers

The Welfare Officers look after the day-to-day welfare of MCR members. They also provide a point of contact to discuss welfare issues (having been fully trained by CUSU), and are in charge of welfare supplies in the MCR.

Olesya Razuvayevskaya (Female)

Email: mcr-female-welfare or or264

The Women's welfare officer is here to represent women to ensure their health, safety, and life are soundly set. Please see Robinson Welfare Page for more information about resources available.

Pelumi Oluwasanya (Male)

Email: mcr-male-welfare or pwo22

The Men's welfare officer is here to represent men to ensure their health, safety, and life are soundly set. Please see Robinson Welfare Page for more information about resources available.

In Need of Officer (LGBT)

Email: mcr-lgbt or you?


Computer Officer

Eric Bringley

Email: mcr-computer or eb656

The Computer Officer is responsible for the MCR computer system and liaising with the College Computer Officer. He also maintains the MCR website and sits on the College IT committee.

Green Officer

Erlend Owesen

Email: mcr-green or ewfo2

The Green Officer looks after any green issues, encourages members to recycle more, tops up green supplies in the MCR and is the person to contact if you are interested in having a composting bin in your hostel kitchen.

First Year Officer

Nick Devlin

Email: mcr-first-year or nd430

The First Year Officer ensures representation for first-year graduates on the MCR committee and organises the Monday night Grad Dinner in the Garden Restaurant.