Combination Room

All Graduates at the College may use the Middle Combination Room (MCR) at any time - the room is open 24/7 all year round. They are also entitled to bring accompanied guests from within the University and outside. The combination room is above the Linnett Room, at the top of the flight of stairs outside the Chapel in Long Court. Access to the MCR is controlled through a swipe card system - members can get their blue University card authorised for MCR access at the Porter's Lodge. The MCR is a no smoking room (as are almost all of the public areas in the College).

COVID-19: Risk Assessment

For COVID-19 special measures, please refer this document.


A range of daily newspapers is provided in the MCR. Currently we are subscribed to the Times, the i, the Financial Times and the Cambridge Evening News. Please do not take them, the job sections or supplements out of the MCR as others may want to read them. A wider selection of papers and magazines provided by the RCSA is available in the Red Brick Cafe Bar on Long Court.


Tea and coffee-making facilities are provided in the MCR kitchen, as well as a microwave for heating up food and a fridge. We ask for a small contribution (20p) each time you make a drink with the Tassimo coffee machine. However, instant coffee and a variety of teas are free. Fresh milk for tea and coffee is placed in the kitchen once a week (but the old one is not always taken away, so make sure you get the fresh one, and throw bad milk out if you should find it). Sugar and sweetener can also be found in the cupboard with the Tassimo pods and teas bags. If anything runs out in the cupboard please get in contact with a MCR committee member who will restock it.

Fruit & Biscuits

A bowl of fruit is placed in once a week and a delicious selection of biscuits are placed in the MCR twice a week for members. Help yourself to an apple, orange, banana or shortbread!


The wide-screen TV in the MCR has over 300 channels, Sky TV is also available in the College bar and the College TV room. There is a Blu-Ray DVD player and the MCR owns a wide and growing range of over 200 films on DVD and 50 titles on Blu-Ray for use in the MCR, which are kept on the shelves opposite the TV. You can also borrow DVDs and Blu-Rays as long as you fill in the maroon lending book.

Board Games and Books

The MCR has a collection of board games for you to re-live those childhood memories of Twister and Trivial Pursuit. A small selection of both fiction and reference books are available for you to borrow. The MCR also has a Playstation 4, with a selection of games, including FIFA. These games are only to be enjoyed in the MCR, and should not be taken elsewhere.

Table Football

The table football (or foosball) is a staple at most MCR events and very popular after lunch and dinner. There is even a ladder on the MCR website where you can record your wins and losses against other members.

Internal Telephone

The telephone in the MCR (int. 39228), is on the University internal network, so you can use it free of charge to call University extensions (such as the the Porter's Lodge, the College offices and many University departments). It can not be used to make or receive external calls.

Notice Boards

Please feel free to make use of the notice boards in the MCR for posters, adverts etc. They are there for everyone to use, but please do not be offended if your poster gets removed after some time; the MCR receives a constant stream of posters and information, and space is limited.

MCR Security and Cleanliness

It is critical to ensure that the main door closes and locks behind you when you leave. Apart from a College cleaner vacuuming the floor, there is no official system for cleaning up the room, so please keep the MCR tidy. Leaving a mess behind after you is unfair to the cleaner and everybody else who wants to use the room. Please wash up your mugs, glasses, teapot, plates or the coffee machine if you do use anything from the kitchen, and leave the newspapers in a tidy state. If you think there are too many old newspapers lying around, feel free to move them to the grey recycling bins in the kitchen.