The main computer room in College is at the top of the stairs opposite the exit from the Porter's Lodge, and provides scanning and colour printing facilities. As ever, the Porters can supply the necessary door code. There are also four computers in Teaching Room 1. Within the University there is a diverse range of computers, so you should be able to find something suitable for any work you have in mind. The University Computing Service run a very good series of free courses throughout the year covering the very basics, through word-processing and spreadsheet use, to programming and the use of the more advanced packages. These are advertised on the MCR notice board and on the Computing Service website, and are well worth going to. The University Computing Service runs the University-wide e-mail system Hermes. You should have received information on how to set up your Hermes account as part of your welcome package.

Every room in College has broadband internet access. However, individual computers have to be registered with the College's IT department. You should have received information on how to set up your machine in your welcome pack. If you haven't, or still have problems gaining access, the computer office is located on Q staircase, and open Monday - Friday 9am to 1pm and 2pm to 5pm. If you can manage to get access to the net somewhere else (e.g. in the MCR), the information is also available here.